With experience of working in many different sectors, our team has a broad range of expertise that combines traditional and new design methods, manufacturing knowledge and commercial rigour.

Working closely with end users, client teams and material suppliers, we develop complete solutions and provide a flexible service tailored to the specific client and project.

Our aim is to always solve design problems imaginatively, resulting in products that are useful, attractive and commercial.

Having worked with leading manufacturers of contract and systems furniture for many years, we have become specialists in the design of workplace products and environments.

Collaborating with some of the best known companies, at the top of the industry has enabled us to develop a strategic approach that is informed and user centred.


We describe our work, capabilities and experience as Product, Workplace and Placemaking.

There is a common thread that runs through the work we do and our approach to it. The products and places we develop enable and support the people who use them. In each case, utility and character are important elements that define the form and function of a design solution and ultimately create meaning and value for the user - whether the outcome is a manufactured product or a built environment.

This broad approach means that we have a range of experience and knowledge that spans the design for manufacturing at different scales, in different quantities in a range of materials.